VOLUME 34 - NUMBER 3 - 2013

Indications for and limits of conservative surgery in breast cancer

  • Barbuscia M.A., Cingari E.A., Torchia U., Querci A., Lemma G., Ilacqua A., Caizzone A., Sanò A., Fabiano V.
  • Focus on, 90-94
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  • Improvements in diagnostic techniques and, above all, breast cancer screening campaigns - essential for early diagnosis - have enabled the objectives of conservative surgery to be pursued: disease control, no or low incidence of recurrences and an excellent esthetic result. However, to reach these objectives, it is essential to ensure a careful evaluation of the medical history of every patient, a detailed clinical examination and the correct interpretation of imaging. Particular attention should be paid to all factors influencing the choice of treatment and/or possible local recurrence: age, site, tumor volume, genetic predisposition, pregnancy, previous radiotherapy, pathological features, and surgical margins. The decision to undertake conservative treatment thus requires a multidisciplinary approach involving pathologists, surgeons and oncological radiologists, as well, of course, as the patient herself.

  • KEY WORDS: Breast cancer - Conservative surgery - Quadrantectomy - Radiotherapy.