VOLUME 34 - NUMBER 11-12 - 2013

Laparoscopic removal of a giant paratubal cyst complicated by hydronephrosis

  • Leanza V., Coco L., Genovese F., Pafumi C., Ciotta L., Leanza G., Zanghì G., Intagliata E., Vecchio R.
  • Clinical practice, 323-325
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  • Paratubal cysts represent approximately 10% of all adnexal masses. In most cases they are very small, but very few cases are reported in the literature where they exceed 15 cm of diameter. Furthermore, giant paratubal cysts complicated by bilateral hydronephrosis are unique. The Authors describe a case of a huge paratubal cyst (30 cm in diameter), in a 14 year old obese girl, treated by complete laparoscopic enucleation.

  • KEY WORDS: Mesonephric cyst - Paratubal cyst - Hydronephrosis - Laparoscopy.