VOLUME 34 - NUMBER 1-2 - 2013

Prepuce-sparing plasty and simple running suture for phimosis

  • Monarca C., Rizzo M.I., Quadrini L., Sanese G., Prezzemoli G., Scuderi N.
  • Clinical practice, 38-41
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  • Aim. Circumcision is the most common procedure for phimosis. In recent years, the value of foreskin properties as well as aesthetic reasons determined to other operations preserving the foreskin. We report 5-years experience with a technique that preserve the physical foreskin appearance intact.

    Patients and methods. Fifty-two patients, eligible to undergo phimosis surgery, underwent prepuce-sparing plasty and simple running suture. Evaluation of results was made with photos comparative and verified by using presence/absence of recurrence, scarring evaluation, and VAS for patient satisfaction.

    Results. Forty-eight patients reported no complications. There were no cases of bleeding, infection, pathological scarring, phimosis recurrence. The scar showed a good pliability and a thin thickness. Patient satisfaction was high.

    Conclusions. The association of prepuce-sparing plasty and simple running suture highlighted an effective and easy method for the correction of acquired phimosis in adult patients, with excellent functional and cosmetic results.

  • KEY WORDS: Phimosis - Circumcision - Prepuce-sparing plasty - Simple running suture.