VOLUME 34 - NUMBER 1-2 - 2013

Recurrent gallstone ileus: case report and literature review

  • Pronio A., Piroli S., Caporilli D., Ciamberlano B., Coluzzi M., Castellucci G., Vestri A., Pitasi F., Montesani C.
  • Clinical practice, 35-37
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  • The gallstone ileus is a rare complication of cholelithiasis and it represents the 1-4% of small intestinal mechanical obstruction. Gallstone is generally wedged in the terminal ileum, even if unusual locations have been described. The literature reports a very high morbidity and mortality, often because misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. There is no unique opinion in literature about the choice between one-stage and two-stage surgery. We report a clinical case that summarizes the diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties of gallstone ileus.

  • KEY WORDS: Gallstone ileus - Cholelithiasis - Cholecysto-duodenal fistula - Surgery.