VOLUME 34 - NUMBER 1-2 - 2013

Extracranial association of arteriovenous and venous malformations. Case report

  • Alfano C., Chiummariello S., Iera M., Scuderi N.
  • Clinical practice, 32-34
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  • Association of multiple vascular malformations of the face is a rare condition. An arteriovenous malformation (AVM) with a venous malformation as the draining vein is also a rarity. We report a case of extracranial mixed vascular malformations that deformed the normal architecture of the lower face. Removal of the AVM was followed by stability of the jaw and tongue malformation, indicating the AVM used the venous malformation as its draining vein. This approach spared the patient severe cosmetic and functional sequelae.

  • KEY WORDS: Arteriovenous malformation - Venous malformation - Mixed malformation - Drainage vein.