VOLUME 33 - NUMBER 8-9 - 2012

Cholecystectomy by single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS): early experience and technique standardization

  • Ceci F., Di Grazia C., Cipriani B., Nicodemi S., Corelli S., Pecchia M., Martellucci A., Costantino A., Stefanelli F., Salvadori C., Napoleoni A., Parisella M., Spaziani E., Stagnitti F.
  • Methods, Techniques, Drugs, 280-284
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  • Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) is a recent surgical technique, first described in the 1990s. Its aim is to optimize the esthetic result offered by laparoscopy by minimizing the number of abdominal incisions. Various preliminary studies have been carried out on the application of SILS, especially in cholecystectomy and appendectomy. This study evaluates the preliminary results of cholecystectomy by SILS (SILS™ Port) conducted between October 2009 and February 2011 on 21 patients (4 men and 17 women) with a mean age of 49.9 years and a mean Body Mass Index (BMI) of 22.8. All patients were treated by the same team, which had previously undergone six months’ simulator training. There were two main selection criteria, both evaluated intraoperatively: absence of adhesions and of significant inflammatory sequelae from previous cholecystitis; and suitable distance between gallbladder and SILS access port. Conversion to traditional laparoscopy was necessary in just two cases, while an accessory trocar was introduced in another two cases. Conversion to open surgery was not necessary in any case. One case of SILS cholecystectomy was complicated by postoperative bile leakage, which was treated conservatively, as the fistula had a low output. The mean duration of hospitalization was 3.6 days. This preliminary experience led us to conclude that SILS is safe and highly satisfactory in the postoperative phase, thanks to the reduced need for painkillers and the improved esthetic result.

  • KEY WORDS: Cholecystectomy - Laparoscopy - SILS.