VOLUME 33 - NUMBER 8-9 - 2012

Polyp of the cecum. Laparoscopic-assisted polypectomy

  • Vecchio R., Amore F., Marchese S., Zanghì G., Alongi G., Ferla F., Intagliata E.
  • Clinical practice, 274-276
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  • The Authors discuss on a laparoscopic-assisted approach for excision of a sessile villous adenomatous polyp of the cecum, unresectable by endoscopy. Because of the large implant of the polyp, endoscopic polypectomy was considered at high risk and a surgical laparoscopic procedure was scheduled for removal of the lesion. After right colon mobilization, an intraoperative endoscopy confirmed the location of th polyp in the posterior wall of the cecum, closed to the ileo-cecal valve. A small 10 cm laparotomy, through which the cecum was pulled out the abdominal cavity, was performed. Then, a minimal colotomy along the intestinal taenia was carried out to allow a safe and complete excision of the polyp. This laparoscopic approach differs from the other laparoscopic-assisted methods reported in the Literature since it provides at the same time the postoperative advantages associated with minimal access surgery and a safe oncological removal of the polyp with low risks of complications.

  • KEY WORDS: Large bowel - Adenomatous polyp - Laparoscopic surgery.