VOLUME 33 - NUMBER 8-9 - 2012

A rare case of postpartum thrombocytosis. Differential diagnosis and management

  • Iavazzo C., Thanou M., Deligeoroglou E.
  • Clinical practice, 268-270
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  • This is a case of a 43-year-old primigravida primipara woman who presented in our Department in 36 weeks gestational age and underwent caesarean section due to preeclampsia. From her history, it was known that her pregnancy was an in vitro fertilization (IVF) result. She also received low molecular weight heparin because of thrombophilia (protein S insufficiency). We present this case of postpartum thrombocytosis and discuss the differential diagnosis of this condition through the presentation of its management.

  • KEY WORDS: Thrombocytosis - Surgicel® - Cephalosporin - Preeclampsia.