VOLUME 33 - NUMBER 6-7 - 2012

Incisional hernia in Day Surgery: our personal experience

  • Zanghì G., Di Stefano G., Leanza V., Arena M., Di Dio D., Basile F.
  • Clinical practice, 218-220
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  • Incisional hernia is one of the most common complications of laparotomy. Its repair with prosthesis has enabled a considerable improvement in the outcome, significantly reducing recurrences. This study analyses the results of open hernioplasty with mesh performed as a Day Surgery procedure in 42 patients between November 2008 and October 2010. The results were good, with low postoperative morbidity and recurrences (2.4%).

  • KEY WORDS: Incisional hernia - Open hernioplasty - Day Surgery.