VOLUME 33 - NUMBER 3 - 2012

Usefulness of ultrasounds in the management of breast phyllodes tumors

  • Bernardi G., Cavallaro G., Indinnimeo M., Fiore A., Basso L., D'Ermo G., De Toma G., Cavallaro A.
  • Clinical practice, 81-85
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  • Introduction. Breast phyllodes tumors (PT) are uncommon fibroepithelial lesions having potential malignant features. These tumors have characteristic features, like phleomorphism, mitoses and overgrowth of the stroma with possible infiltrative margins. The clinical behaviour could be unpredictable, since the relatively high recurrence rate despite correct surgical strategy. Conventional diagnostic examinations show high sensitivity and specificity, but cannot demonstrate the differences between benign and malignant PT. MRI is not more effective.

    Patients and methods. Sixteen patients affected by PT have been surgically treated at our Institution. All patients received mammography and ultrasonography (US) as preoperative diagnostic work-up.

    Results. in 13 patients, US was effective in preoperative diagnosis of PT. Mammography was uneffective in detecting breast lesions in 5 cases, while in 11 cases mammographic findings presented benign features, with a round opacity with moderate tissue density and well-defined wall.

    Conclusion. US remains the most useful diagnostic test in detecting PT. However, there is no test effective in identifying malignat PT. In case of suspicion, fine needle biopsy should be performed.

  • KEY WORDS: Phyllodes tumors - Breast - Ultrasounds.