VOLUME 33 - NUMBER 3 - 2012

The role of laparoscopy and intraoperative ultrasound in the diagnosis and staging of lymphomas

  • Zanghì G., Arena M., Di Stefano G., Benfatto G., Basile F.
  • Clinical practice, 71-73
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  • Laparoscopic surgery plays today an important role in the diagnosis and staging of abdominal lymphomas; in fact it provides adequate lymph node sampling for histological typing and immunophenotyping. The mini-invasive procedure is safe and effective. Intra-operative ultrasound permits to study the parenchimal organs in addition to intra-abdominal lymph node and/or masses.

  • KEY WORDS: Lymphomas - Laparoscopics - Biopsy - Intraoperative ultrasound.