VOLUME 33 - NUMBER 3 - 2012

Liver trauma. Diagnosis and treatment

  • Barbuscia M., Querci A., Tonante A., Taranto F., Sanò M., Cingari E., Ilacqua A., Sturniolo G.
  • Clinical practice, 66-70
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  • The authors summarize the essential steps in liver surgery. Modern imaging techniques are of great help in establishing a circumstantiated diagnosis of post-traumatic lesions of the intra-abdominal parenchymatous organs, and especially the liver. Such diagnosis must always be based on the AAST (American Association for the Surgery of Trauma) classification, essential for a correct approach. Each therapeutic choice must be based on a careful clinical evaluation to establish whether emergency exploration of the abdomen or simple patient monitoring is indicated. Organ injuries and consequent hemoperitoneum must be found and quantified. In any case, diagnosis and treatment must only begin once all measures have been taken to ensure the maintenance of vital functions and the normalization of the main blood chemistry parameters.

  • KEY WORDS: Liver trauma - Liver resection - Hepatectomy - Hemoperitoneum