VOLUME 33 - NUMBER 3 - 2012

Extra-adrenal perirenal myelolipoma. A case report and review of literature

  • Dan D., Bahadursingh S., Hariharan S., Ramjit C., Naraynsingh V., Maharaj R.
  • Clinical practice, 62-65
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  • Myelolipomas are rare tumours which are most commonly found in association with the adrenal glands. However, extra-adrenal sites have been described, but limited to case reports. They are characterized by a normal adrenal gland function and absence of haematopoesis which differentiates them from extramedullary haematopoetic tumours. We present a rare case of perirenal extra-adrenal myelolipoma and we review the imaging characteristics and management options for this condition.

  • KEY WORDS: Extra-adrenal myelolipoma - Histology - Clinical presentation.