VOLUME 33 - NUMBER 11-12 - 2012

Pancreatic pseudocyst: case report and short literature review

  • Gagliano E., Barbuscia M.A., Tonante A., Taranto F., Paparo D., Papalia E., Cascio R., Damiano C., Sturniolo G.
  • Clinical practice, 415-419
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  • We report a case of pancreatic pseudocyst secondary to acute necrotizing pancreatitis treated with open cystogastrostomy. Following a literature review, we stress the enormous benefits offered by modern diagnostic techniques, and especially imaging techniques, for the diagnosis and monitoring of this disease. Treatment should be delayed for at least six weeks, following which the drainage by open surgery offers the best results and lowest morbidity and mortality, followed by laparoscopy and endoscopy, indicated in particular cases and in patients where open surgery is contraindicated.

  • KEY WORDS: Pancreatic pseudocyst - Internal drainage - Endoscopy.