VOLUME 33 - NUMBER 11-12 - 2012

Colorectal retained foreign bodies per anum introduced. Three years retrospective study at Emergency Surgery Unit

  • Volpi A., Panebianco A., Ialongo P., Ferrante E., Milella M.A., Pascazio B., Prestera A., Tromba A., Palasciano N.
  • Clinical practice, 411-414
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  • Colorectal foreign bodies per anum introduced are not exceptional. They can be classified as high-lying or low-lying, depending on their location relative to the recto-sigmoid junction. High-lying rectal foreign bodies sometimes require surgery; low-lying ones are often palpable by digital examination and can removed at bedside. No reliable data exist regarding the frequency of inserted rectal foreign bodies and the literature is largely anecdotal. We review our experience on patients almost all males and heterosexual with retained colorectal foreign bodies and their outcome in Surgical Emergency Unit of a Southern Italy University hospital.

  • KEY WORDS: Colorectal foreign bodies - Colorectal trauma.