VOLUME 33 - NUMBER 11-12 - 2012

Synchronous primary malignant tumors of the breast, caecum and sigma. Case report

  • Anania G., Santini M., Marzetti A., Scagliarini L., Vedana L., Resta G., Cavallesco G.
  • Clinical practice, 409-410
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  • We present the case of a patient with a double adenocarcinoma of the right colon and sigma associated with a bilateral infiltrating ductal breast carcinoma. Sigma and caecum bowel cancers were diagnosed at colonoscopy, with computerized tomography staging, while breast cancer was found with screening mammography. Following right hemicolectomy , sigmoidectomy and bilateral mastectomy the histology confirmed the presence of colonic adenocarcinoma and infiltrating and in situ lobular cancer. This case report reviews the treatment of synchronous neoplasia.

  • KEY WORDS: Breast - Caecum - Sigma - Synchronous tumors.