VOLUME 33 - NUMBER 11-12 - 2012

The bovine pericardial patch in breast reconstruction: a case report

  • Semprini G., Cattin F., De Biasio F., Cedolini C., Parodi P.C.
  • Clinical practice, 392-394
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  • In the last years there has been a growing demand of plastic surgery for soft tissue reconstruction. In response to this, many biological and synthetic devices have been produced, aiming to allow wide and complex body reshapings. Acellular dermal matrices are one of these devices, and are made of human or animal tissues made acellular after their sampling. They are used for cervical, breast and abdominal wall reconstruction. Tutopatch®, generally used for face reconstruction or neurosurgery, is made of acellular bovine pericardium, and its high amount of collagen allows a fast tissue healing and a scaffold for the surrounding tissue rigeneration. In our case report Tutopatch® has been used in immediate breast reconstruction after mastectomy. This device has been used to close laterally the subpectoral pocket, allowing a bigger volume prosthesis to be placed We have not experienced particular postoperatory complications, and after 12 months of follow up we have found a valid functional and aesthetic result. We consider Tutopatch® as a valid alternative to other acellular dermal matrices specifically designed for breast reconstruction.

  • KEY WORDS: Breast reconstruction - Acellular dermal matrix.