VOLUME 33 - NUMBER 1-2 - 2012

Serous cystadenofibroma of the Fallopian tube. Case report and literature review

  • Erra S., Costamagna D.
  • Clinical practice, 31-33
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  • Introduction. Cystadenofibromas of the Fallopian tube are very rare benign tumors of the female genital tract. These tumours are usually asymptomatic and are found incidentally.

    Case report. We describe a Fallopian serous cystadenofibroma in a 50 year-old woman operated for uterine leiomyoma. The histopathologic finding revealed a cystic lesion connected to the salpinx. The cyst was composed of connective stroma lined by epithelial cuboidal cells, without pleomorfism or detectable mitoses. Pseudopapillary structures were observed in the lumen of the cyst. The patient is well on follow-up.

    Conclusion. The origin of serous cystadenofibroma of the Fallopian tube is not clear. The tumor is considered an embryologic remnant rather than a proliferating neoplastic process. These tumours seem to have a benign course and a malignant potential has not been described.

  • KEY WORDS: Fallopian tube - Serous cystadenofibroma - Surgery