VOLUME 32 - NUMBER 8-9 - 2011

Juvenile papillomatosis of the breast in young male: a case report

  • Sanguinetti A., Fioriti L., Brugia M., Roila F., Farabi R., Sidoni A., Avenia N.
  • Clinical practice, 374-375
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  • Juvenile papillomatosis of the breast (“Swiss cheese disease'') is a benign localized proliferative condition of the breast which occurs almost exclusively in young adult women. Patients with this lesion often have a family history of breast carcinoma, but rarely carcinoma may coexist with the lesion at the time of diagnosis. We present a case of a young male with juvenile papillomatosis of the breast. The pathology and clinical management of this rare lesion is discussed.

  • KEY WORDS: Juvenile papillomatosis - Adult male.