VOLUME 32 - NUMBER 8-9 - 2011

Surgical treatment of the adenocarcinoma of the cardia

  • Çeliku E., Draçini X., Dibra A., Maturo A.
  • Original Article, 353-356
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  • Adenocarcinomas of the esophagogastric junction should be classified into adenocarcinoma of the distal esophagus (Type I), true carcinoma of the cardia (Type II), and subcardial carcinoma (Type III) in a pathogenic and therapeutic point of view. During a 15-year period (1995 - 2009), 117 surgical laparotomies for adenocarcinoma of the cardia were performed in elective surgery in the First Clinic of General Surgery UHC “Mother Theresa” in Tirana. The classification was performed by summarizing the information obtained from oral contrast radiography, endoscopy, and intra-operative findings. There were 54 (46%) patients of Type I, 40 (34%) of Type II and 23 (20%) of Type III . Surgical procedures included “subtotal esophagectomy and proximal gastrectomy”, “distal esophagectomy and proximal gastrectomy”, “total gastrectomy and distal esophagectomy”. All anastomoses performed in the above mentioned procedures were hand sewn. Thirty-seven patients (32%) resulted inoperable at the time of laparotomy and 80 (68%) patients were treated with curative intent, those resulting in an operability index of 68%. The overall morbidity and mortality rates of 29% and 4,3% respectively.

  • KEY WORDS: Cardia - Adenocarcinoma - Surgery.