VOLUME 32 - NUMBER 5 - 2011

Heterotopic pancreatic tissue in the gallbladder. Two case reports and brief review of the literature

  • Cerullo G., Marrelli D., Di Mare G., Onorati M., Tripodi S., Neri A., Roviello F.
  • Clinical practice, 259-262
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  • Heterotopic pancreas tissue in the gallbladder is a rare benign condition with no clinical relevance and found incidentally in most cases. Only 28 cases of heterotopic pancreas are reported until 2007 in the worldwide literature. The preoperative diagnosis is very hard, so that it could be considered in differential diagnosis with other benign and malignant disease of gallbladder and biliary tree. The surgical approach for the excision of a undefined lesion and the histological identification is a correct procedure in suspect case. We report 2 cases of heterotopic pancreatic tissue of the gallbladder.

  • KEY WORDS: Heterotopic pancreas - Gallbladder.