VOLUME 32 - NUMBER 10 - 2011

Stem cells and breast cancer, where we are? A concise review of literature

  • Sanguinetti A., Bistoni G., Avenia N.
  • Mini-Review, 438-446
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  • There is an analogy between embryogenesis and cancer and the attention is on increasing the rate of cell division and on a small percentage of perennial cells . The key to understanding is to be found in the properties of these cells developed in the form of perennial totipotency, multipotency and unipotent. The normal life cycle involves epigenetic mechanisms that are deregulated in cancer cells, these tumor cells appear to belong to deregulation since its progeny. Here is a review of the literature on embryogenesis of the breast, endocrine system interactions Delna the proper development and functioning of the various cell lines and to the importance of cancer stem cells.

  • KEY WORDS: Breast - Embryogenesis - Anatomy of the gland - Stem cells - Cancer.