VOLUME 32 - NUMBER 10 - 2011

The efficacy of Iloprost for the treatment of chronic venous ulcers of the lower limbs

  • Canciglia A., Mandolfino T., D'Alfonso M.
  • Methods, Techniques, Drugs, 434-437
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  • Background. The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of Iloprost in the treatment of venous ulcers.

    Patients and methods. We recruited 52 patients with uncomplicated venous ulcers of the lower limbs. They were divided into two groups: the first (29 patients) was given Iloprost in saline solution for three weeks, while the second (23 patients) received saline solution only. The size and number of ulcers were determined at the start of the treatment and then every 15 days for six months.

    Results. Ulcer size diminished faster in the patients treated with Iloprost, with 100% healed within 120 days. In the placebo group, 82.60% had healed by the end of the 180-day observation period. This difference was statistically significant. Ulcer cicatrization was also faster in the treatment group (65.51% after 60 days, 86.20% after 90 days and 100% after 120 days), whereas in the placebo group, the ulcers had still not healed in 17.40% of patients by the study end.

    Conclusions. Iloprost can significantly reduce healing time for venous leg ulcers without any specific complications.

  • KEY WORDS: Venous ulcer - Iloprost - Chronic venous insufficiency.