VOLUME 32 - NUMBER 10 - 2011

Single Stapler Parachute Technique (SSPT): a new procedure for large hemorroidal prolapse

  • Caviglia A., Mongardini M., Malerba M., Giofrè M., Maturo A., Del Grammastro A., Straniero A., Scarnò M., Custureri F.
  • Original Article, 404-410
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  • Procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids (PPH or Longo procedure), a stapled circumferential anal mucosectomy, has proven to be very popular as it is considered safe and successful. However, a high haemorrhoid recurrence rate is reported, specially due to insufficient mucosal resection. The authors have come up with a technical modification to the mucoprolapsectomy, notably the Single Stapler Parachute Technique (SSPT), in order to obtain more abundant mucosal resection. In this study they will present the results obtained in 80 patients treated for muco-haemorrhoidal prolapse, 40 of whom underwent traditional PPH, while the remaining 40 patients underwent SSPT, both performed in two different specialised centres located in Rome, Italy.

  • KEY WORDS: Hemorrhoids - Rectal prolapse - Anopexy - Mucoprolapsectomy - Longo procedure - Single Stapler Parachute Technique - SSPT.