VOLUME 30 - NUMBER 51 - 2009

Diagnostica per immagini nella patologia neoplastica colica: come, quando, perch

  • Venturino M., Cavallo L., Damonte G., Noceti A., Perata O., Piccardo A.
  • Articolo Originale, 066-070
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  • Aim: The aim of our study is to compare double-contrast barium enema, CT enema and CT colonography in the colorectal cancer and to propose a diagnostic process.

    Method: Were considered our Radiology Service data for double-contrast barium enema and CT enema, compared with International Literature, for patient compliance to the preparation and execution of examination, specificity, sensibility, diagnostic accuracy and radiation dose. For CT colonography we refer exclusively to literature.

    Results: The patient compliance to the preparation and execution of examinations was good. There are good values of sensitivity and specificity for CT colonography and CT enema, very similar to the values we found.

    Conclusion: It can be said that the CT colonography is more sensitive than double-contrast barium enema and that CT enema is similar to CT colonography which nevertheless has the lowest radiant exposure. So, in case of incomplete conventional colonoscopy, it can assume two different diagnostic process: in asymptomatic patients at high risk but can run the CT colonography, and in symptomatic patients or endoscopic diagnosis of malignancy colic can be performed CT enema or CT colonography with intravenous MDC

  • KEY WORDS: colorectal cancer, CT colonography, double-contrast barium enema, optical colonoscopy.