VOLUME 30 - NUMBER 51 - 2009

Total mesorectal excision with radiofrequency in rectal cancer: open vs laparoscopy approach

  • Scabini S., Rimini E., Romairone E., Scordamaglia R., Pertile D., Ferrando V.
  • Articolo Originale, 062-062
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  • To compare the safety, efficacy and oncologic results in the low rectal resection with total mesorectal excision with radiofrequency (Ligasure ®) in laparoscopic surgery. 227 patients underwent colo-rectal resection for cancer at our Hospital. 61 patients were submitted to curative rectal resection for mid or low rectal cancer using Ligasure® device applied on smaller vessels and on execution of total mesorectal excision. 46 patients underwent open laparotomy (OP), 15 laparoscopic surgery.The mean operative times were shorter in group OL (188 vs 246 min) overall. This difference was significative (p = 0.004). We analysed in particular two parameters of specimens: the total number of nodes and distal clearing from cancer. the Ligasure device does not reduce operating time in laparoscopy rectal cancer resection but it allows to get correct oncologic results in patients submitted to total mesorectal excision.

  • KEY WORDS: rectum, cancer, TME, laparoscopy.