VOLUME 30 - NUMBER 51 - 2009

Laparoscopic TME with sphincter-saving for rectal cancer: 217 procedures

  • Di Palo S., Tamburini A., Orsenigo E., Ronzoni M., Vignali A., Staudacher C.
  • Articolo Originale, 042-042
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  • We present 217 laparoscopic TME with sphincter-saving. Conversion rate was 5.9%. Overall 30-days morbidity rate was 31.3% (anastomotic leak 17.5%) without mortality. Mean hospital stay was 8.6 days. After a median follow-up of 72 months, local recurrence rate was 5.9%. Laparoscopic TME is a safe procedure respect surgical outcome and local control.

  • KEY WORDS: rectal cancer, TME, sphincter-saving procedure, laparoscopy.