VOLUME 30 - NUMBER 51 - 2009

Nuove strategie ricostruttive nel distretto cervico-cefalico

  • Klinger F., Pagliari A.V., Banzatti B., Bandi V., Villani F., Forcellini D., Maione L., Catania B., Bellanova L., Fossati C., Klinger M.
  • Articolo Originale, 214-216
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  • Resection of tumours in the head and neck often results in normal tissue contour defect. The disvantages of classical reconstructive procedures are donor site morbidity for autologous transplants, the immunogenity of allogenous transplants and risks for infection and extrusion of synthetic materials. We employ lipostructure, as alternative or together classic surgical reconstruction techniques, to improve head and neck contour and defect after tumour resection and radiotherapy. We treated a group of patients after parotidectomy, malignant non melanoma skin tumor excision, I and II level neck dissection and submandibular gland removement. The fraction of purified lipoaspirate is injected in the dermo-hypodermic joint of the operated areas. After a mean of two treatments with lipostructure we observe an improvement of the softness and thickness of the skin. In compliance with what was clinically observed, the histological sections of the operated areas after the lipostructure procedure showed a deposit of new collagen, an increase of local vascularization and a hyperplasia of the skin layer. The preliminary results of our study are particularly promising and make the autologous grafting of adipose tissue, a mini-invasive and well-tolerated method, an efficient reconstructive therapy.

  • KEY WORDS: lipostructure, head and neck reconstruction.